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Welcome to jmb Advanced Clinical Massage

Advanced Clinical and Sports Massage is about the effective treatment of chronic pain, postural imbalance, painful scars, sports and lifestyle injury.

Using a combination of massage techniques, my intention is to release stuck connective tissue, tight and locked muscles, and target trigger points to free my clients from pain while improving their range of motion. The treatments are carried out with a listening touch in order to work with the muscles and soft tissue, allowing them to release and go on releasing long after the treatment ends so that the body is able to self heal and re-balance. I work closely with GPs and complementary therapists to encourage complete client care.

Appointments available at clinics in Buckingham. Please see Therapies page for details and prices.

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Clients come to my clinics with:
frozen shoulder
carpal tunnel syndrome
tennis and golfer’s elbow
sports injuries
migraines and headaches
chronic fatigue syndrome
slipped discs
low back pain
painful scars
and many more

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